Aug. 6th, 2013


Aug. 6th, 2013 01:58 pm
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There's something about happiness that is always catching. When people are soft and generous I feel like the world is smiling with us. :)

I have this intense love inside me for all living things, and it never goes away even if I'm feeling hurt and broken. It's good to know that because I wouldn't want to be kind only when I'm feeling good.

Although, I can be petty too. :P

I have a darling friend who is a lot like me. We are like different sides of the same coin, or maybe just separate parts of the same pattern of lace. Anyway, talking with her is sometimes funny because I can say something and she says "I know" or she can say something and I say "I know" because our ways of experiencing things are very similar. The differences surface when we deal with things that are hurtful/negative/bad for us. We're equally curious about strange, hurtful things, but where I understand almost endlessly she pokes at things with a stick and if the thing is still moving she'll kick it out. I might try to revive it just to see if it can learn to be a better thing.

She is my go-to person. Has always been. Because I take a lot of shit in this world for no reason except my need to understand and for the crazy fact that it takes me forever to realize that someone is being an ass towards me. I don't understand easily that I'm being hurt, unless it's a direct attack. Subtle things go over my head. And well, she sees things, pokes at them, and helps me see too. She allows me to get angry through all that understanding and loving and endless forgiving. I'm very very grateful for that because sometimes, I can be really dense.

So, I'm delighted because I can mirror myself against her. We are similar enough in certain ways that it's like looking into a real mirror, and then different enough that I can see the world from another angle. She completes me.

Life is such a strange little experiment. :P


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