Aug. 9th, 2013

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I keep watching this show even though it makes me aggravated. Still, I feel like writing down the agenda of the Alpha pack because things are not making sense. This is what the AP has done so far:

1. They've captured Boyd and Erica (and Cora) to make them moon-crazy so they would try to kill Derek and then Derek would kill them instead. Isaac finds out about where they are held, but before he can run back to Derek the AP captures him and reads his memories through the neck-claw connection. He escapes with the help of the girl we never learn more about before she gets slashed.

2. The twins become students to keep an eye out for Derek's misfits, I guess. And to get involved with Lydia and Danny.

3. Deucalion meets Scott at the hospital and Ennis fights Scott and Derek. The AP wanted to take Isaac from the hospital.

4. They killed Erica for no apparent reason.

5. Ms. Morrell is their guide/emissary and according to her own words she stands between Scott and the AP, keeping him alive. We haven't seen much of that yet either.

6. They hide in an old bank: no moonlight => moon-crazed wolves. The symbols are never explained.

7. They lure Derek and Scott in, lock them up with mountain ash, and leave like good villains so Allison can save the day. Cora and Boyd escape, Derek and Scott chase after them.

8. The AP attacks Derek in his loft: Deucalion explains how killing his betas gave him their power, and that he wants Derek to kill one of his betas and then he'll want to kill the rest. Deucalion has his ridiculous Demon Wolf speech.

9. In the meanwhile, the twins taunt Isaac and Scott with petty school bully things.

10. The AP apparently lives in the same building as the Argents. Deucalion confronts Scott in the elevator. Deucalion wants to see what Scott is made of, and tells him that he might have to kill someone to save someone.

11. Deucalion agrees to meet Scott at the abandoned whatever-it-is, and they are supposed to come alone. Derek and the pack are there and so is the AP. They fight. Ennis and Derek fall, and Scott and the rest think Derek died.

12. Everyone else is worried about Ennis who's dying on Deaton's table, but Deucalion kills him. Ethan is with the others, travelling cross country. Isaac beats Ethan up until Scott stops him with his Alpha voice.

13. Ethan gets involved with Danny. Stiles saves Ethan.

14. We find out that Deucalion bit Alexander Argent (whoever he is) all those years ago.

15. Ethan brings Danny to the hospital after he's been poisoned with mistletoe. Ethan explains to Scott that they knew either Danny or Lydia was important to Scott and now they know it's Lydia (how they knew one of them was important and didn't know which one goes over my head, because just asking any kids at school would've made it pretty clear that Lydia hangs out with them more). That's why they got involved with them.

16. Deucalion's minions paint another symbol on the window of Derek's loft which means they are coming for him, tonight.

17. Deucalion meets Scott at school and tells him he can help Scott find Deaton who's missing (taken by Darach) if Scott can take the cain from him. Scott can't. Deucalion says he's not the one behind the murders. He also says that Scott has to choose which one he's going to save: Deaton or Derek (Kali is going after Derek). Deucalion tells Scott to follow the currents to find Deaton.

18. Kali and the twins cut the power to Derek's loft and Boyd's plan is rendered useless. The twins have Jennifer, and Kali says it's a fight between Derek and her, nobody interferes or Jennifer dies. They fight, Derek eventually loses, and they hold him still while they impale Boyd on Derek's claws. Kali gives Derek an ultimatum: "Join the AP, or I'll kill your whole pack." (what pack, by the way, Derek only has Isaac left and he's more Scott's than he ever was Derek's).

19. Deaton says Scott might be the True Alpha, and Scott realizes that might be what Deucalion is after: him.

20. Deaucalion was once an idealist who got betrayed by Gerard. Gerard poked his eyes out with hunter arrows.

21. Aiden warns Ethan that he has to stop seeing Danny. Lydia still wants to make out with Aiden even after they "were made" to kill Boyd. Scott and Stiles have a talk with Ethan who tells them that they were Omegas before Deucalion saved them from their abusive pack. Cora attacks Aiden. Ethan shouts at Aiden that he can't hurt any of Derek's before Kali's deadline (next full moon).

22. Ms. Morrell explains to Scott that Deucalion either wants to have Scott in his pack as the True Alpha or destroy Scott's True Alphaness by making him kill someone.

23. For some reason, the AP attacks Scott et all in the hospital when they go save Cora. Derek and Scott fight the twins, Peter and Scott fight the twins, Melissa McCall stuns the twins. Deucalion threatens Melissa, then lets her go as a good will gesture.

24. The AP wants to get rid of the dark druid because she's trying to gain enough power through sacrifices to kill them. The Darach is Kali's former emissary. Kali chases Derek and Jennifer; then has a talk with Deucalion about her former emissary and wanting to give her a peaceful death.

26. Deucalion tells Scott that he'll help him get his mother and Stiles' father back if Scott joins his pack. Scott accepts this.

So, we get lots of fights that end nowhere. We get revealing monologues and lots of telling not showing. Maybe someone else can point out all the places where this story telling is lacking. I'm too tired after getting all this together. :)


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