Aug. 31st, 2013

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Terry Pratchett is one of my all time favorite writers. He's also an amazing person. He has Alzheimer's disease. It breaks my heart.

That's something he did awhile ago because he loves orangutans. One of his characters in Discworld is an orangutan.

Anyway, when I watched that it broke my heart for two reasons: 1. His brilliant mind is slowly disappearing and 2. We're killing our planet so damn fast.

Sometimes I think I can do nothing good in this world because it's not going to be enough. The things that are messed up are so big they are impossible challenges.

Then again, I can do nothing but try the best I can. So what if I can't save the entire world? I can make a difference through my words, through my research work, through the kindness of my heart. There really isn't any other way. I just have to accept that I'm a tiny part of this massive and insane world, and that I can't fix everything. Still, the massiveness of the problems sometimes overwhelms me, like yesterday when I watched that. I wish I could save his mind. I wish I could save the rain forests. I wish I could stop wars.

Instead, I'm going to write stories and study hard and be kind to others every single day.

But god, it's so frustrating sometimes.


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