Sep. 23rd, 2013

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We never truly know what goes on in someone else’s life, not even in the lives of our closest people. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why we should always treat others kindly. You may think it’s lame or that someone else’s suffering has nothing to do with you, but we create the world around us. We are the society. We are the laws and the rules. We are also the love and kindness we show to others.

The wars and other horrible things happening in this world are not the only things that are unbelievable, awful, or cruel. We’re cruel on a daily basis. We say awful things about others. We treat others like they are below us. We act indifferent. Or we actively create situations where we can lash out and hurt others. Why we do that is beyond me.

I know I can’t change the world. I can’t bring back people who die too early, way too early. I can’t stop wars. I can’t stop people from mindlessly killing each other. I can’t stand between people and pain. What I can do is never actively hurt anyone. I can always think of someone else as a person like me, worthy, lovable, full of feelings, dreams, and lost things. I can choose to do good. I can choose to be kind.


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