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When they say it’s love we forgive eccentricity
When they say it’s love we forgo the royalties
When they say it’s love someone waits beyond the trees
And when they say it’s love it’s time to roll up ur sleeves
For when it’s really love there’s no sense and there’s no plot
When it’s really love you’re prepared to lose all you got

by Adam Lambert (although I fixed it a bit)

So, what does it mean? Adam has said that a long time ago, he liked to write very unclear and multilayered lyrics, but nowadays he likes to mean what he says. So I'm taking it literally. :)

Forgive eccentricity = accept people as they are; even when they are weird. This might mean that he hasn't felt like it.

Forgo the royalties = ignore fame, fortune, crowns

Someone waits beyond the trees = Someone pointed out Sherlock and John. :P I'd say it just means that there's someone for everyone, someone true who might be far away.

Time to roll up ur sleeves = Love is not something that stays there forever unless you keep it alive. It's not work as such; it's more like reminding yourself every day that the someone there isn't there for you only. They are their own person, living their own life.

There's no sense and there's no plot = His view of love is rather romanticized. There is sense, but the pop culture likes to identify love as something mystical and unexplainable. He's doing that here. :)

You're prepared to lose all you've got = If you open yourself up to someone else it means you risk losing your heart and soul because not everyone responds the same way. Sometimes people leave you, hurt you, ignore you. Sometimes they walk away. When you love that's what you're prepared to go through with.

My thoughts; not necessarily true. :)
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