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Teen Wolf is probably the worst show I've ever watched this long. Usually I just give up. I fast-forwarded most of the first season because the romance in it was just so horrible and the main character was an annoying whiny wimp. I watched the second season, and it became an actual, pretty entertaining TV show. I'm now watching the third season, and I have a hard time accepting any of the bullshit they are catering to us.

I'm a character-driven writer, reader and watcher. To me, characters are what make or break a story. So far, we know nothing about the new characters, and very little about the not-so-new ones.

And Jeff is killing most of the old ones anyway.

He now has Scott, Stiles, Derek, Lydia, Allison and Danny of the old crew left. There's only Isaac left of Derek's pack and that's not much. Then we have a group of new characters that mean nothing to us because we don't know anything about them:

Cora: she's Derek's sister, and she's been gone for about six years, missing. Where was she? Who was she with? She's very young. She couldn't have survived on her own, not easily anyway. How did she survive the fire? Why didn't we get a scene with Derek and Cora where they actually "met" after she came around from the crazy-haze? This would've been a perfect opportunity to show what kind of a family he had, be it good or bad. We got nothing. We know absolutely nothing about her, and right now, it looks like she's just there to make Derek suffer later.

The Twins: They interact with the main characters like they are normal (bully) kids. Then they use Derek to kill Boyd - or they become a twin monster. They don't seem like Alphas. They seem like they are ambivalent about their role in this, and I think the writers feel the same way. They are not written in any way consistently. Both are involved with the core characters, and why is that? Lydia knows they are the Alphas. I get that she's not a happy kid at the moment because Jackson is gone and her life is crazy, but still... involving herself with someone who's the enemy? There's no logic here. Danny has no idea what's going on so his reasons are entirely normal. Lydia's are just a part of the plot, not her character, and it's pretty annoying when characters are made to do things because plot!

The Alphas in general: Who cares? Deucalion is the only one with some personality. Kali is just there to be a bitch. The dead one? I care even less.

Jennifer: We know she's an English teacher (who can apparently substitute for chemistry too). We also know that she gets scared a lot. And that she can have sex with someone who's half-dead, unable to make coherent decisions, and is oozing black blood. Nice. I'm not very fond of the character. There's nothing I can relate to. It seems that like Cora, she's there to cause grief to Derek later, too. Because this show is all about causing Derek pain, no matter how unrealistic or redundant it becomes.

The continuity problems in the show are infamous, but it's getting worse on third season because they are not even able to follow the continuity from episode to episode now.

What happened to Derek being dead? All of a sudden everyone knows he's not dead, and it's all fine and dandy. It was such a big deal earlier, to Scott especially, and we don't get a scene where Derek decides to tell them even though Jennifer told him not to? Or just a reaction from Scott: OMG, you bastard, you made me cry! Anything, for crying out loud.

What about Stiles saying in the episode before that he doesn't trust Deaton at all, and then referring to him as Scott's surrogate dad?

Why on earth did Derek kick Isaac out by throwing a glass at him (yes, to protect him), and then lets Boyd in on his plans in the next episode, and then in the last one, Isaac and Boyd come running to help him like nothing happened? This no make sense.

Or what about just the simple thing of having the motel episode? Get the kids there with a transparent reason (no reason whatsoever, but that happens a lot; I can live with that), and then none of the crazy happens because of the motel. It happens because of wolfsbane. They could've been anywhere. If you want something to happen, make it matter. This way, it just seems like cheap tricks.

But the absolute worst part of the show at the moment is the "How to make Derek suffer the most" plotline. The problem with that is that it becomes unbelievable and boring fast. We can't care about an endless amount of suffering in stories if nothing ever changes.

And besides... the most effective way to shock with suffering is to make it surprising. If we're already expecting it to happen in every turn it loses its effect.

But even that isn't the worst part of this Derek-the-manpain-bot plot. The worst part to me is the way they are raising Scott up while pulling Derek down. Derek is a failure at everything, especially this season, but he was that last season too. Scott gets scenes where he's the messiah who heals people, who gets hurt trying to save people, who becomes The One through sheer character... Oh please, the same kid who was so selfish the first two seasons that almost everyone hated him? Now, you want to make him the Gary Stu of this story? By raising him up and pulling Derek down, by giving nothing good to Derek and making Scott the superhero? He's the one the Alphas want. Then why torture Derek? Just for the fun of it.

And don't get me started with their super great plans. The plans always involve "showing up" and that's about it. What's the creepiest place where we can do this? What would look good on screen? Yeah, that's where we'll fight the bad guys. Plan? What plan? Argh!

So, why am I still watching when it frustrates me this much? Honestly, I use it as an example of what not to do. I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch this season though. It's just so bad and makes no sense, and I don't trust the writers at all. I don't think they have an awesome grand plan. I think they are just running with their ideas, showing off all the cool stuff, but not concentrating on the main things: characters, their stories and the interaction between them. Jeff is killing off his core people, or who could've become the core, and none of the new characters can really become the core of the show. The conflict in this show is too widely spread, and that makes it hard to relate to.

The only perfect part of the show is Dylan and the way he plays Stiles. He can pull off any line, any character interaction, any stupid as fuck scene because he's just that good. Other than that, the show has its moments. It has witty dialogue and some interesting ideas and Lydia is pretty bad ass too, and I like many of the adults in the show, too, even if they are creepy. :)

Date: 2013-07-18 12:02 pm (UTC)
thraceadams: (Teen Wolf Stiles Popup)
From: [personal profile] thraceadams
This. REally the only reason I"m sticking with it is for Stiles. I adore Dylan O'Brien - he's like Tommy to me. I want him to succeed in the worst way.

Also Lydia - she's a badass and I actually care what happens to her character. But those two are about the only ones - okay I lied, Melissa and the Sheriff - I care about them. And Peter - because he's snarky and I Like that.

BUT the one they WANT us to like? Scott? Yeah, I could really give a rat's ass less about him. I was liking his arc until they brought about this whole "True Alpha" thing and that was just a bridge too far for me. I don't like him that much, he's a selfish prick. Why does he get to be "The True Alpha"?

And Derek - I've had to stop caring about him because I just cannot handle the shit that keeps happening to him. I have numbed myself to it because I just cannot DEAL.

I've kind of gotten to the point with the show that nothing surprises me anymore, because I just expect them to do the absolute worst shitty thing to Derek and for him to just take it because they are making him out to be the biggest martyr out there.

And the know I could deal with the plotholes if everything else wasn't so shitty.

And I agree, I don't think the writers *cough Jeff Davis cough* planned this out like they said they did. Sadly Jeff is no Joss Whedon. Imagine this show in his hands *drools* It would be AWESOME.

Anyway, I'm starting to beat a dead horse, or Derek so I'm gonna stop now. Just leaving you with one word.

STILES :DDDDDDDD He is why I watch, he is why I STILL watch. He really is the breakout character/actor of the show and I say good for him.

Date: 2013-07-19 06:48 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I don't watch this show, never been tempted. But I think we've all watched shows that have gone down the tubes. I'm also a character-driven reader/watcher. If the characters don't engage me, I'm gone.

Date: 2013-07-19 06:48 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] vlredreign
Sorry, the nonny was me. *facepalm*


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