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Hey all, long time no see (matter of speech).

How are you guys doing? I've been doing very well myself.

I've disappeared off the face of DW and lj, once again, huh? Since announcing I was starting a new adventure with coaching and my health/physical health.

It's still an absolute work in progress. I haven't been able to really connect with anyone yet. Not quite. And I have a challenge I wanna start October 2nd. I actually have 3 people but one of them is going to the gym regularly and the second one doesn't seem to know what she wants (but it's a money thing mostly) and the third one is actually excited to start.

It's hard mainly because I'm in introvert, shy, don't know how to approach people and such and I have to talk about myself a lot, not trying to sell my products but also talk about them and what they're doing for me and new products and programs coming out. Hard work.

And I gotta do personal development. To get out of my shell, my comfort zone, get an easier approach, better myself in my posts, to attract people and have them join in and, possibly, sign up as well.

It's life changing, really. It takes time and, honestly, I didn't put enough energy into my peersonal development and well, everything's affected. But I added new people and I try to connect with them but I also still clueless on how to approach them after adding.

Yesterday, there was a big Beachbody event that I participated in. I am soooooo happy I did. I got to hear other coaches stories. Top coaches. I got to have some sort of training on Facebook and I got to do a workout with one of the trainers from the platform we have with all the programs to workout. It was intense and really nice. All workouts are intense though but... yeah...

I've been spending half my time in the Beachbody world, so to speak, and basically left everything else aside. Work excluded, of course because I can't forget about that but yeah.

In the beginnings, and a lot of the time, I do have to spend it on my business, because that's what it is. I mean, if I am successful and all, I can get paid for the work I'm doing, for helping people. I could generate a really nice revenue and stuff but I gotta work at it, put all the effort needed (and more) and I gotta sacrifice a few things in order to make that business work.

But I don't wanna forget on the other things and I have been wanting to come back on here for a while but didn't.

Forgive me? ;) :p

Not even sure what to tag this entry with...


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