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Lizibabes wrote a wonderful fic about Tommy Joe Ratliff and Ian Crawford. :) Here's the art I made for the fic:

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I did these for the lovely Montmorency! She wrote a wonderful fic about Tommy Joe Ratliff and Daryl Dixon. The story can be found here: link to fic.

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I've been creating art ever since I found the wonderful Pixlr tool. It's not perfect, but it's fun. I know I don't really know any fancy tricks, and there are still things I dearly miss (blending for example), but I have a bit of eye for art. Not much but a bit, and I enjoy it a lot. I'm participating in TJRBB as a writer and an art-maker and hopefully, I'll manage to make something I'll be proud of.

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So yeah, those are my favorites. Hopefully I'll manage to do something pretty for someone else. No pressure. :P
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Here's the art set of Monster Within. Toobusy2write wrote an amazing fic to this art, and I couldn't have asked for more! Perfect, beautiful story. Here's the link to it: AO3! A must read!

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Here is the art for Hic Et Nunc.

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This is one of the favorite banners I've made so far. <3 My second revealed set:

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Here's my second (I guess this is now first since it's the first one I'm revealing, hahah) set for GRBB: Time Changes Everything.

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This is for Arami and her story Music of the Heart. It was all part of TW Big Bang. Go give her lots of love!

Summary: Monsters of the week take a back seat to Stiles and Derek, arguing about Stiles' bad music tastes, Stiles seeing fit to keep annoying Derek with it, and how their relationship changes and grows despite it.

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